• One on one interaction with promising Indian Startup founders across various sectors and stages
  • One on One interaction with Domestic and Foreign Venture Capitalists & GPs
  • Closed-door regulatory roundtable with Regulators, Policymakers and Government Ministries
  • Indian Venture Capital Ecosystem Report Release
  • Dialogue of foreign fund CFOs, legal leads with regulators, policymakers to discuss policy-related matters
  • Dialogue of Unicorn and Soonicorn Founders with Global GPs and LPs

Why Invest in India?

  • VC deal value grew 5x in the last 10 years with 2017 deal value at ~$3.4B
  • 50k+ total startups and ~3.5K+ funded startups growing rapidly at 30%+ CAGR

  • ~$75B in capital value have been created by startups in the last 10 years in India
  • 2018 saw $13.5B being pumped into startups, more than in IPOs
  • H1 2019 has had an infusion of $3.9 Bn across 292 deals across startups in India

Key Highlights

  • Closed Door Roundtables
  • Curtain Raiser
  • Investor-Startup Match Making
  • Innovation Hub Tour
  • Festa Dinner
  • Soulful Morning
  • Networking Breakfast